Kentucky Fall Classic Horse Show
OCTOBER 2-5, 2019
Benefitting the American Saddlebred Museum
For Stabling: Contact Lori Nelson 859-457-0841
Stabling must be vacated before 8:00 a.m., Sunday, October 6

Schedule-as of 9.29.19


Wednesday – 1:00 PM
1.         Hackney Pony Show Pleasure Driving
2.         ADHHA Park Under Saddle
3.         Amateur Three Gaited
4.         ASB Adult Country Pleasure
5.         Show Pleasure Driving
6.         Three Gaited Park Pleasure Junior/Limit Horse
7.         ADHHA Harness Mares
8.         Three Gaited Park Junior/Limit Horse
9.         UPHA Hackney Pony Classic
10.      Amateur Road Horse To Bike
11.      Five Gaited Pleasure Adult Amateur
12.      UPHA Harness Pony Classic
13.      Junior Five Gaited Horse
14.      ADHHA Harness Stallions/Geldings
15.      Opportunity Western Pleasure
16.      Fine Harness Junior/Limit Horse
17.      Novice Three Gaited Country Pleasure Horse
18.      Harness Pony - Open
19.      Amateur Park Horse
20.      ADHHA Roadster to Bike
21.      Open Three Gaited
22.      Hackney Pony - Open
23.      Saddle and Bridle Hunter Seat Classic
24.      Open Hackney Roadster Pony to Bike
25.      Adult Three Gaited Show Pleasure
26.      AHHS Youth Medallion Hackney Roadster Pony to Bike
27.      Country Pleasure Driving
28.      Amateur Five Gaited
29.      ADHHS Three-Year-Old Open Harness and ADHHS Three-Year-Old Harness Futy
30.      Opportunity Carriage Driving
31.      Open Five Gaited
32.      ADHHA Open Weanling Futurity
33.      Fine Harness-Open to Any Breed
34.      TBA

Thursday – 1:00 PM
35.      UPHA Roadster Pony Classic
36.      Novice Three Gaited Show Pleasure Horse
37.      Amateur Fine Harness
38.      UPHA Park Pleasure Classic
39.      AHHS Youth Medallion Hackney Pleasure Pony Driving
40.      ADHHA Junior Harness Mares
41.      Three Gaited Junior Exhibitor
42.      Amateur Hackney Pony
43.      Ladies Three Gaited
44.      Roadster to Bike Limit Horse
45.      Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure
46.      UPHA Fine Harness Classic
47.      Novice Five Gaited Pleasure Horse
48.      ADHHA Roadster Under Saddle
49.      Amateur Harness Pony
50.      Amateur Ladies Five Gaited
51.      Hunter Country Pleasure
52.      Junior Exhibitor Five Gaited
53.      Amateur Roadster Pony to Bike
54.      Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited Park
55.      Three Gaited Junior/ Limit Horse
56.      ASB Three Gaited Pleasure – Novice rider
57.      UPHA Hackney Pony Show Pleasure Driving
58.      Junior Exhibitor Five Gaited Pleasure Horse
59.      Novice Five Gaited Horse
60.      ADHHA Junior Harness Stallions/Geldings
61.      Five Gaited Pony
62.      ASB Western Country Pleasure
63.      Limit Roadster Pony to Bike
64.      Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited Show Pleasure
65.      Bluegrass Select Series Championship Equitation
66.      Ladies Five Gaited
67.      Saddle Seat Equitation, rider 13 years and under
68.      ADHHA Open Yearling Futurity
69.     ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure-13 and under

69A.   Walk/Trot only Pleasure - Open to any breed

70.      ADHHA Amateur Roadster to Bike
Friday – 1:00 PM
71.      Saddle Seat Equitation, rider 14 – 17 years of age
72.      ADHHA Harness Amateur
73.      Bluegrass Select Series Championship Amateur/Jr Exhibitor Three Gaited
74.      Amateur Park Stake
75.      Two-year-old Fine Harness Horse
76.      Adult Three Gaited Show Pleasure Stake
77.      ADHHA Open Two-Year-Old Futurity
78.      UPHA Adult Challenge Cup
79.      Bluegrass Select Series Championship Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Five Gaited
80.      Road Horse Under Saddle
81.      Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Championship
82.      UPHA Five Gaited Classic
83.      ASB Country Pleasure Driving Stake
84.      ASB Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited Park Horse
85.      Bluegrass Select Series Championship Open Road Horse to Bike
86.      Five Gaited Pleasure Adult Stake
87.      UPHA Three Gaited Classic
88.      ADHHA 3-Year-Old Harness Jackpot
89.      ASB Adult Country Pleasure Stake
90.      Bluegrass Select Series Championship Open Fine Harness
91.      Three Gaited Park Pleasure Stake
92.      UPHA Challenge Cup- 17 & under
93.      Amateur Roadster to Stake
94.      Saddle Seat Equitation, Walk/trot only, rider 10 years of age or under
95.      Bluegrass Select Series Championship Open Park
96.      Show Pleasure Driving Stake
97.      AHHS Youth Medallion Hackney Pleasure Under Saddle
98.      ADHHA Open In-Hand
99.      Three Gaited Pony
100.    ASB Five Gaited Country Pleasure
101.    Harness Pony Championship
102.    Hunter Country Pleasure Stake
103.    Opportunity 12 & under walk & trot
104.    AHHS Roadster Pony Under Saddle
105.    Limit Five Gaited
106.    ADHHA Weanling Jackpot Futurity
106A. Saddle & Bridle William Shatner Western Country Pleasure
106B. USEF Saddle Seat Medal
106C. ASB Five Gaited 2-year-old
A1. Academy Adult Pleasure Rider – Walk/Trot/Canter A2. Academy Equitation Adult – Walk/Trot/Canter
A3. Academy Pleasure Rider 14-17 Walk/Trot/Canter A4. Academy Equitation 14-17 Walk/Trot/Canter
A5. Academy Pleasure Rider 13 & under Walk/Trot/Canter A6. Academy Equitation 13 & under Walk/Trot/Canter
A7. Academy Pleasure Rider Adult W/T A8. Academy Equitation Adult W/T
A9. Academy Pleasure Rider 14-17 years old W/T
A10. Academy Equitation 14-17 years old W/T
A11. Academy Pleasure Rider 11-13 years old – W/T A12. Academy Equitation 11-13 years old – W/T A13. Academy Pleasure 9 & 10 years Old – W/T A14. Academy Equitation 9 & 10 years Old – W/T
A15. Academy Pleasure Rider 8 years & under – W/T A16. Academy Equitation 8 years & under – W/T A17. Academy Pleasure – On Lead 8 & Under W/T A18. Academy Equitation – On Lead 8 & Under W/T A19. Academy Reinsmanship – Driver any age
A20 Academy Pleasure – Rider 6 and under W/T A21. Academy Equitation – Rider 6 and under W/T A22. Stick Horse – rider 6 years and under
Saturday – Not before 1:00 PM (or 30 minutes after the Academy classes)
107.  Lead Line Class
108.  UPHA Challenge Cup Walk/trot 10 & under
109.  ADHHA Roadster to Bike Championship
110.  Equitation Championship
111.  Hackney Pony Championship
112.  Bluegrass Select Series Am./Jr Ex. Three Gaited Show Pl Championship
113.  Three Gaited Jackpot
114.  Open Roadster Pony to Bike Championship
115.  Bluegrass Futurity Hunter Country Pleasure Classic (open Rider)
116.  ADHHA Junior Harness Championship
117.  Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited Stake
118.  Fine Harness Jackpot
119.  Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited Park Stake
120.  Amateur Five Gaited Stake
121.  Roadster to Wagon
122.  Western Country Pleasure Stake
123.  Amateur Road Pony to Bike Championship
124.  Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited Show Pleasure Stake
125.  Bluegrass Select Series Amateur/Jr Ex English Country Pl Championship
126.  Amateur Hackney Pony Championship
127.  Junior Exhibitor Five Gaited Pleasure Horse Stake
128.  Amateur Three-Gaited Stake
129.  ADHHA Renovo Cup Harness Championship
130.  Three Gaited Park Jackpot
131.  Junior Exhibitor 5 Gaited Stake
132.  Amateur Harness Pony Championship
133.  Opportunity 12 & under walk & trot Stake
133A.  ADHHA Park Horse Under Saddle Championship
134.  Bluegrass Select Series Am/Jr Ex Five Gaited Show Pleasure Championship
135.  Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Stake
136.  Roadster to Bike Jackpot
137.  Five Gaited Jackpot
Under Kentucky law, a farm animal activity sponsor, farm animal professional, or other person does not have the duty to eliminate all risks of injury of participation in farm animal activities. There are inherent risks of injury that you voluntarily accept if you participate in farm animal activities.

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